About Us

Spectro Analytical labs Ltd., is one of the premier laboratories with broadest spectrum of testing and calibration services including Mechanical, Chemical, Biological, Electrical, Electronics, Metal, petroleum, NDT, Environment, Rubbers and Polymers, Textiles, Water & effluents, Food, Drug, Cosmetics, Building Materials, Particle Counting for Air, Liquids, Oils and Dusts, Ferrous and nonferrous Metal, Minerals, OES, PMI, and various other Analytical Testing in India with a vision of SINGLE WINDOW SERVICE PROVIDER FOR ALL TESTING AND CALIBRATION SERVICES. SPECTRO works on Principle of "Put yourself in your customer's place" and provide Economical, Quality Driven, Value driven, Accountable, Accurate, Ethical, Innovative, Dedicated, Discreet, Socially Responsive and Timely services to its customers.

Spectro Analytical Labs which is Started in 1995 with very small setup in Delhi, India has now developed itself as SPECTRO GROUP OF COMPANIES with five companies which is supporting the Great and foresighted Vision of Spectro Analytical Labs Ltd. Now Spectro Analytical Labs Ltd. is Spread all Over India with its 10 nationwide branches and Joint Ventures. SPECTRO is now also made its Presence outside India with making Joint ventures in Overseas Market.

SPECTRO an ISO 9001 – 14001 Certified Company is one of the first testing and calibration labs in India to get the prestigious Accreditation by NABL ISO 17025 in six Different Testing and Calibration Services Mechanical, Chemical, Biological and Non Destructive Testing.

Spectro has now started Complete Solution for Industrial Hygiene, Indoor Air Quality Management, Particle Technology and Clean Room Technology Services for the various industries. It is now also providing Design Consultancy, Industrial Training for employees, Academic Training for students, and Third Party Monitoring, Inspection and on site Validation Services, with the vision and goal to spreading these very important technology to the common people of India, with the long-term objective of making our surroundings and indoor environment really clean, hygienic, and a better place to live in.


  • Portable Clean Room Tents
  • Laminar Air Flow Hood & Benches
  • Biosafety Cabinets
  • HEPA/ULPA Filters
  • Air Particle Counters
  • Compressed Air Samplers
  • Microbial Air Samplers
  • DOP/ PAO Aerosol Generators
  • Indoor Air Quality Monitors
  • Industrial Hygiene Monitors